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Our goal is to provide a cost effective full service hosting solution to the cryptocurrency mining community. Our facilities are built with miners in mind. Featuring high security, efficient cooling, and redundant power infrastructure. We understand the needs of the everyday miner and want to help you achieve your mining goals.

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Our facilities were engineered from the ground up to provide enterprise-grade hosting solutions. Now we are offering our 20 years of data center experience to the cryptocurrency mining community. We have the space, power, connectivity and knowledge to provide miners with everything they need to grow their operation. Our data centers are highly secure, fully redundant and supported by expert staff. Hosting your miners with us is simple and fast. Contact us today and enjoy the benefits of a full service professional data center.

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Tell us about your miners. Do you need help setting up? Need advice from an expert? Contact us today and we will build a hosting solution that fits your needs. 

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